Making This Holiday Extra Specially Memorable

Holiday gatherings are particularly precious to us, this year.

As Thanksgiving approaches, let’s embrace these opportunities to gather with friends and loved ones by taking some care to plan a memorable occasion.

Here are three considerations to make this holiday season sparkle in their memories for years to come:


Enable everyone to contribute.

If Aunt Jess has the best stuffing recipe, make sure that she gets to bring her specialty.  (I don’t know about you, but good stuffing- the kind with the sausage- matters!)

So, your sister in law has a green thumb and a home like Martha Stewart, let her do the centerpiece. Let the teenagers be the DJs. That might be good for a laugh! Even the young children can help. When I was young, my Uncle Larry hosted Thanksgiving and always had ways for us to get involved. One year , he taught us how to churn the butter. That is one way to keep little hands busy, while they wait for the adults to sit down!

Although it takes a bit of forethought and planning, having others collaborate, ultimately lightens your load as the host and enables you to be able to take part in the festivities.

Invite Mother Nature In

Draw upon the beauty of nature to set the scene.

Beyond the traditional pumpkins and pine trees, there is a wealth of inspiration at your local farmer’s market or even in your backyard. Try intertwining grape vines on the mantle or making a holiday gnome village  amongst a collection of unusual mushrooms.

Since Kennett Square is “the Mushroom Capital of the World”, you are sure to find some intriguing varieties, there.

Draw upon your Memories

Be sure to include elements that have sentimental meaning to you, in your holiday event.

Remind yourself and your family of the rich heritage of the past that lies within these traditions.

Was there a special drink that your father was known for? In my husband’s family it was his famous Old Fashion recipe. His brother, John carries on the tradition today.

Did your grandmother have everyone around the table share what they are grateful for? Yes, it may seem uncomfortable at first to get folks to share. However, ultimately this is the stuff that bonds us together.

Maybe it means incorporating family heirlooms in the decor. My mother’s Spode dishes always make an appearance on our holiday table.

Holidays are all about telling your family’s story. Be sure to pass on the stories that lie behind these treasured traditions, so that the younger generations can realize the richness of their heritage and adults may take a moment to savor it, as well.

Wishing you a memorable 2021 holiday season!

From my home to yours,



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