Warm and Cozy Family Room

Finding the right cocktail table can be a challenge.
Ask yourself:
What shape do you prefer- rounded or angular? Straight sides offer more access to the surface. Rounded sides are more “friendly” to your shins and small children/
Is it large enough to be accessible from all of the seating?
Since it is literally the centerpiece of the room, does it offer interest? Sometimes combining materials such as stone or metal and wood can make the design more appealing.
Is the room an open or confined space? Glass tops open up the scheme. Heavy, trunk like styles go best with very lofty, lodge style spaces.
Does the finish harmonize with other design elements of the space?
Do you need drawers or shelves to store controls, games or books?
Do you often eat in front of the television? Lift tops offer a good solution.
Did you ever realize that there is so much to consider, when selecting a coffee table? Maybe you should call in a designer!

Location: West Chester, PA

Warm and Cozy Family Room
Florals with a pop of orange, colorful pillows, and a soft throw unify the color scheme in this cozy family room.