Virtual Consultation

A mixture of wisdom, care and creativity is called for to respond to the our world’s changing needs. That’s why we’re offering virtual consultations for those that would prefer to stay as contact-less as possible.

Schedule complimentary initial virtual interior design consultation. Call Deborah at 610-574-4666 or reach out using our contact form.

Here is the strategy that I will be adopting:

Pre- Appointment Planning

The virtual consultation will call for a bit more “homework” to help me meet your home decor needs effectively.

  • Respond to my “Lifestyle Planner” form to gather information either by email or over the phone
  • Take videos of your home, focusing on the areas that are your priorities
  • Share inspiration photos from my portfolio, Houzz, Pinterest or Instagram
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Initial Design Consultation

Next, we will develop an action plan. We may identify various stages that suit your changing needs.

  • We will use the information shared previous to the appointment, to zero in on the your preferences, lifestyle and functional needs.
  • We will, then, develop a “wish list” of design elements called for to accomplish your goal.
  • I will offer a ballpark budget estimate for the project, that includes ongoing design consultation, shipping, delivery and installation and we will agree upon a target budget within that range.

Initiating the Design Process

I will require an agreement fee that is 5% of the agreed upon budget (for example, for a target budget of $10,000, there would be a $500 fee). Once, I receive that amount, whether using Square for credit cards or a check by mail, I will begin researching options for design elements to achieve the transformation that you long for. It is likely that I will request to pay a brief, fully sanitized visit, to your home to measure your space, in isolation after Governor Wolf’s stay at home order is no longer in place. After all, it is the details that matter most in accomplishing satisfying design results!

The Design Presentation

Within 10-14 days, we will come together either via Facetime or Zoom meeting or on the phone to design your home. I will offer plans, mood boards, inspiration photos, renderings, images of furnishings, fabrics, finishes to enable you to envision options for your redesigned space, either on the virtual presentation platform or by email just prior to our meeting.

Together through patient collaboration, we will pull your home together.

The Proposal

Once we’ve confirmed the scheme, I will prepare a written quote. This will incorporate the cost of taxes, shipping, delivery, installation. Upon receipt of a 70% down payment, your orders will be placed.

Follow Through and Updates

Over the next few months, I will stay in touch to notify you of the status of your project.

The Big Reveal

Finally, at last, I and my delivery and installation team will transform your home, taking every detail into account.

This is the day that you’ve been waiting for when it all comes together! I’ll encourage you to spend a few hours out while my team will be busy making sure that everything is “just so”- down to towels folded and flowers in vases.

Once your fabulous new surroundings are complete, I’ll invite you to return and take in the transformation. We’ll have a final review and the final 30% balance will be due.

My mission and goal is to work with you to make the world more beautiful, one room at a time! I’m committed to making your design experience fulfilling.

We will take all of the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your household

Interested in starting this process? Contact us today at 610-574-4666 so we can make Beautiful happen.