Creating the Hygge Home

The interior design community has embraced the Danish term “hygge”, which encapsulates a design philosophy rooted in fostering contentment and overall well-being through thoughtful space planning and decoration.

As our homes play a pivotal role in our comfort and happiness, homeowners are longing to transform their soulless grey and white living spaces into inviting gathering places that reflect their personality.

Creating the Hygge Home

Recently, I received a call from a busy professional couple who had just purchased a charming bungalow in Media. They specifically requested that the principles of hygge be applied to coordinate the decor throughout their new home. Not only does this aesthetic reflect their Scandinavian heritage, but also it reflects their goals for their home, which include that it be a place of comfort with a peaceful ambiance that is inspired by the natural world.

This is where we began:

I was glad to see that they had a sense of humor!


First and foremost, our goal was comfort.

We selected a supportive three seat sofa with a loose cushion back and soft arms, upholstered with a textured performance fabric to survive their active family and foster dogs. Generous throw pillows invite you to curl up and enjoy a good book.  The legs on the base of the sofa and open design of the swivel chair open up the relatively small space.  The rounded shapes of the cocktail table and side tables are more “friendly” than those with sharp corners. A plush area rug set a perfect cozy foundation.

Soft illumination sets relaxing mood.

Light fixtures with diffusers and shades create a soothing ambiance. Woven wood shades filter the natural light and offer privacy. A cozy fire or warm candles lifts the spirits.

Bring in natural elements.

A variety of materials including stone, metal , wood and faux bois add natural interest to the decor. Curated art with landscape and botanical themes and fresh greenery  nourishes the soul.

Here are a few images of other rooms in this home that use hygge principles of design to create welcoming and serene spaces to spend time with loved ones. 

By the way, if you wondering how to pronounce hygge when you give me a call to guide you in incorporating these elements into your home’s design in a way that’s tailored to your unique tastes and needs, it’s Hew-guh.

In the end, it’s all about creating a space where you can truly relax and find contentment, because your home should be your sanctuary.

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