“What is Your Personal Style of Home Design?”

I often ask my clients this question on our first phone call. Usually they are somewhat stymied at first and throw out some popular terms like transitional, eclectic, Modern Farmhouse, traditional and Mid Century Modern. It is not until I get to know them better that we are able to uncover their personal style of interior design. Homeowners often rely on me to use the intuitive skills that set me apart as “Your Personal House Whisperer” to articulate their unique aesthetic. Some of examples of more specific qualities may include : clean, whimsical, colorful, warm, textural… As we talk more in this initial home consultation, I may learn that they have a treasured piece of art, family heirloom or favorite place that helps me understand what is meaningful to them.

In the course of getting acquainted, clients often ask me to describe my personal style. This is always fun. I get to share the things that I am passionate about and how that is reflected in the decor of our home in West Chester. I have created my own term (at least I think it is mine alone…).  I call it “Craftcore”. I am fascinated by design elements that are crafted by hand.

My husband, Tom happens to be a woodworker. Happily, he brought 7 beloved tables into our relationship. My favorite in the gorgeous cherry trestle table that is the centerpiece of our dining room. The lustrous wood finish and meticulous craftsmanship set this piece apart.

Another feature of our home is the custom tile that was created for our kitchen. The irregular surfaces and color variation give it character that reminds me that it is uniquely mine.

Another quality of my personal style are bespoke features such as custom selected fabric, trim or hardware on furniture. Like jewelry, these details make a personal statement.

Then of course, there is art! Whether it is a painting that was handed down through the generations or the work of a local artist or even a thrift store find, what matters is that it tells my story. This antique Italian terracotta sculpture may seem odd to some, but Teresa here is special to me. We share a story. It all started when I acquired her for a designer showhouse and she had an accident that left her in pieces in the driveway. That incident cemented our friendship and she’s been with me ever since. Here she is wearing her spring bonnet!

Our latest acquisition was “Fox in Snow” created by one of my favorite local artists, Georganna Lenssen. It reminded us of the wily critter that eludes our dog, Wally in the woods behind our home.

We all have beautiful and quirky things that make us special. As an interior designer, it is my pleasure to reflect that qualities that are truly you to make your home the perfect fit for you and your family to truly thrive! Not only I am I familiar with national and international sources for quality custom furnishings from window treatments to lighting and furniture, I also have relationships with local artists and artisans. Contact me to begin your journey by booking a Personal Dream Home Session, today!

You may enjoy checking out this quiz to identify your design style.

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