Bringing the Outside In


In short, Biophilic Interior Design means incorporating nature into our indoor environment. It comes from the word biophilia – meaning love of Nature. Biophilic Design focuses on creating a calming space with a visual connection with nature while improving wellbeing, health and productivity. In a world of technology, we can tend to get disconnected from what should be natural to us. Particularly this time of year, when the weather keeps us inside, we could use some help from our decor to offer the sense of peace that we enjoy in Nature.

My lemon trees are a great source of joy in colder months.

1)  Incorporate Plants

Get the right amount of greenery, and you will see the difference instantly. Plants enliven a room. I love visiting my lemon trees for a whiff of their fragrant blooms. They always inspire me.

Plants are not just gorgeous; they are also natural air purifier and mood booster.

Nature-inspired decor

Show off plants with the perfect pot or plant stand.

According to the psychology of color, green is one of the most relaxing colors that restores your energy and helps clear your mind. No worries, you don’t have to be an expert on keeping your plants alive.

I even help my clients choose the right plants to suit their lifestyle and décor.

2)  Use Natural Materials

To embrace nature even further, select natural materials like bamboo, cork, sustainable timber, stone and rattan in your home.

Whether through the furniture, home decor, kitchen countertops, floors, a variety of finishes add character to interior spaces and literally “bring the outside in”.

3) Embrace the Shapes of Nature

It is all about curves, soft edges, patterns and small imperfections, contrasting straight lines and right angles that we normally used in interiors.

The goal is to get the natural feel and coziness through the curved furniture, drapery made of natural textiles, arch-shaped doors and windows, cushions with different patterns and disproportional home decor as an architectural feature.

Natural images can transport you to your happy place

4)  Borrow the Colors of Nature

Nature is plentiful with colors, each season bringing in a different theme. Don’t shy away from using bold colors in your home. Each color affects your mood differently.

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions” – Pablo Picasso

It can be an accent wall if you aren’t ready to paint the whole room and it will still have a significant effect on your overall mood. If you wish to make a greater impact, go for wallpaper instead.

Have fun with color

5)  Add a Piece of Art

Create a wall gallery with a collection of your favorite wildflowers. Select an amazing landscape to make a room feel more expansive. Create a shadow box with a rock specimen.

Feature anything that reminds you on your treasured moments spent in nature.

If all else fails, “put a bird on it”!

Newtown Square Home Decorator

The key to these trends is the focus on calm, comfort, and connection.

If you’re interested in incorporating Biophilic design into your home, I’m here to help! Contact me to schedule a design consultation

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