Hello Color! – 7 Ways To Introduce Color To Your Home

Just as the cherry blossoms and sunny daffodils bring us joy in springtime, so too colorful design elements can brighten your home – and your spirits! Unlike the blooms that fade with the seasons, these additions to your color scheme can delight you year round.

Maybe you tend to be cautious about your design decisions and have stayed with “safe” neutrals like white and gray. Or the color scheme of your home has been defined by furniture that you’ve inherited or collected over the years, such as dark wood furniture or leather seating. If you’re feeling ready for a “pick me up”, try adding some happy colors to your decor.

Finding your Color fit

To get the party started, take a moment to consider what colors strike a positive note for you. Think about happy memories. Maybe you love the sparking blue waters at the shore. Pink may remind you of birthday parties, ribbons, and cotton candy. Red may stir up memories of Christmas at your grandmother’s house. Yellow and orange take me back to the intoxicating scents of the citrus groves on my way to my uncle’s home in Arizona.

Once you’ve picked out your happy color, consider these ways to introduce it to the color scheme of your home:

Lay a fresh foundation with an area rug

Blue Yellow Family Room

Recently, a client called me in for advice to make her townhouse more inviting for her and her teenage children. Since the family room is their main gathering place we started there. She had a good quality gray-blue sofa and some striped accent chairs. She decided that the addition of yellow would help it feel more cozy. First, I showed her area rugs that pulled the grey, blue, and golden yellow palette together. Then we designed generous drapery panels with classic border banding in a buttery yellow hue. Lastly some cheery yellow pillows, throws, and fresh plants were added to enliven the space.

Take it up a notch with wallpaper

Colorful Wallpaper Bathroom

Paint is an an obvious choice, but why not add more personality with wallcovering? A small space like a powder room is a great start.

Colorful wallpaper can work magically to set a new mood in a dining room.

Wallpaper Mural Bedroom

If covering all of the walls seems like too much, a fun wallpaper mural that reminds you of your favorite place can be the perfect way to create a focal point.

Introduce window treatments

Botanical Guest Bedroom

In this case we added valances with a lively botanical print to interject color in this previously drab guest room.

Tell your color story with contrasting chairs

Warm Neutral Living Room

The chair in the foreground picks up the orange in the area rug and adds charm to the predominantly gray and off white color scheme.

Enliven the decor with lighting

Chic Table Lamp

Now that’s a lamp! Table lamps or pendants may introduce not only color to the scheme, but also some sparkle.

Freshen up the look with pillows

Bold Trim Upholstery

Toss pillows with bold prints and fun trim add interest.

Show your personality with art

Artful Bedroom

Classic? Artful? Animal loving? Whether a thrift shop find or the work of a favorite artist from a local art show, artwork can, not only introduce color, but also tell your story.

If you need a guide on your color adventure, I’d be only too happy to help! Schedule your color consultation.

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