Bringing the outdoors in year ’round : Incorporate plants and nature-inspired decor

Everyone who knows me, has heard about my lemon trees. They inspire me. I bring them in from me deck during the colder months.

The aroma of their blooms revives me each time I pass by them in my sunroom, living room and master bath. After the threat of frost is past,

I return them to our deck where they bear small green fruit that is just perfect for a refreshing gin and tonic in the summer.

For live plants, begin with an area like a sunroom that is a transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces.

When it comes to how many houseplants you want to add to your room, remember that less is more.

Filling a room with plants can feel cluttered and jungle-like. As with all design elements, consider varying size, shape and texture within a given area.

Fresh plants and greenery can liven up your living space.

Why not be inspired by nature year ’round by incorporating not only plants, but also nature-inspired designs into your decor?

Not only botanical themes, but any natural element such as stone, tree bark and water can be the inspiration for fabrics, wall covering and even light fixtures.

Rattan and wicker furniture has grown in popularity, recently. these eco-friendly materials are a perfect compliment to fresh greenery in a room.

Simple and subtle plant placement does the trick.

Fresh or faux? I often recommend lifelike faux alternatives for busy professional homeowners.

That way they can enjoy the aesthetic of live plants, without the upkeep.

If you’re not quite sure how to bring this all together,

I’d be happy to lend you my green thumb and design expertise to enliven your home!

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